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Amanda Powell

Hi, I’m Amanda and I live with my husband and three boys in Minneapolis, MN.  My inspiration  for this book came from overcoming my own personal health challenge with God’s help.  Before I had children, I paid little attention to what I ate... if it tasted good then it was good in my mind.  After the birth of my first son, though, I was intent on nourishing him to the best of my ability.  And shortly after that resolution, I was made painfully aware that I needed to do the same for myself.  I suddenly experienced a depression and other health problems that I just couldn’t shake.  What was odd about it was that I was thankful to God for everything and everybody in my life at that time.  But one day it was like a switch got shut off in my brain and I couldn’t see out of a dark place or understand why I was so despairing.  Coming from a family with three generations of women that suffered from depression, I was encouraged to take an anti-depressant drug.  However, since God had healed me miraculously of other ailments I had encountered before, I went to Him in prayer again asking for the same.  The healing was not immediate like it had been previously.  Instead, he opened my understanding to see how I had unknowingly weakened my body through my diet and then began to bring me the information I needed to feed myself properly for my condition.  After making some dietary changes, the depression lifted in a little less than a month without the use of drugs.  Some would say that it was the diet that healed me, but I know it was God that showed me what to do and so He gets the credit.  Just like food feeds the body, God’s Word feeds our soul.  Check out my blog “True Bread and Living Water”.


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    June 26, 2012 4:23 pmPosted 8 years ago
    Ellyn Fonoimoana

    This is amazing and soooooo exciting!!!!! I’m so incredibly proud of you Amanda!!!!! Love you!!

  • September 10, 2013 8:57 amPosted 6 years ago

    Dear Amanda, i loved the site and could really benefit from all the info you gave here.
    i own a company called Elim spa products and i have been walking with a word in my spirit for a while (unless a seed falls to the ground…. in john 12) anyway, i had a prophetic word of a coconut falling in the sand and couldnt really understand what this meant, but i googled and found your site. it was so inspiring, i just realised what is in this seed that is in the ground at the moment.
    wow, thank you, God truly used this website to speak to me today.
    All Glory to the King.
    Shantelle – south africa

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    April 29, 2020 12:31 pmPosted 2 months ago
    Amanda Powell (Author)

    test comment…where is this email going


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