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Romans 3:21-31

  Completion of Romans chapter 3 from verse 21 to the end.  Synopsis from John Piper Romans series.

Romans 3:1-20 Our most desperate need

Romans 3:1-20 synopsis compilation from John Piper's sermons series on Romans. ...our most desperate need.

Romans Chapter 2

Romans Chapter 2 compilation from John Piper sermons on Romans.

Romans 1 Finale

Romans Chapter 1 Finale!  The completion of chapter 1 sermon synopsis from John Piper's Romans sermons.

Salvation is from the Jews (Rom 1:16)

Salvation is from the Jews.  This is an excellent working of Rom 1:16 from John Piper's walk through Romans--deserving of its own synopsis.

Romans 1b

Romans 1:5-16 condensed synopsis from John Piper's series on Romans.  Fascinating to catch the emphasis pointing to Rom 1:5--Paul's mission to bring about the obedience of faith to its hearers and climaxing with the thesis of Romans in verse 16: "you will be shamed for the gospel, but you do not need to be ashamed of the gospel."

Romans Overview

John Piper took years and 242 sermons to delve in to the Book of Romans.  This effort hopes to condense all these works by chapter. Warning! Have your bible open--this only covers Romans 1 verses 1-5 (6hrs into 15min)

The End

The past week was fascinating in that the messages across the nation were one of two themes--receiving counsel or end times. Pastor Lon Solomon just finished his series of summarizing the bible and concluding of course with "Jesus WINS" in his revelation synopsis. Pastor Tory Dobbs of Grace Church spoke the last three weeks on The End Times--preparation is the key, are you ready, and end times signs.  Pastor John Crosby of Christ Presbyterian Church spoke on Rehoboam's bad council noting that the decisions we make on a daily basis make us who we are. Pastor Bill Bohline of Hosanna Church used the identical reference using the number of decisions we make in a day (70), year (20550), and lifetime  (70 years 1788500) to say how it will "shape your life and direct your life and develop your character." Jim Cymbala spoke of Paul's stand for Jesus always and everywhere.  Tom Anthony of Oak Hills Church spoke of the "and" of Acts 2:46 referencing fellowship and advice/counsel/evangelism in the Church and in the community.

Do not be a Nabal

  Back track to the single best Father's day sermon (condensed) by Mike Bartolomeo

Ready to leave the wilderness

Summary of last Sunday sermons from many--to include Pope Francis, John Crosby, Max Lucado, John MacArthur, Kay Arthur, John March of New City Church, Lord of Life Luthern, Mike Bartolomeo Church for the Harvest (Stay tuned for his Father's Day sermon--truly the best of Father's day sermons I have heard) Lon Solomon--Max Lucado and Lon Solomon delivered truly extraordinary sermons

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